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Prima Luce Chamber Orchestra


Our Story

The Prima Luce Chamber Orchestra is committed to offering exceptional music in an engaging way. Its aim is to connect and create a community of music and culture that is inspired by the Viennese musical life.


We bridge the gap between the new and ancient traditions and between the Sacred and the Secular. We perform engaging concerts, commission and champion new works, while also sharing our Australian music with the world. We look to collaborate with artists, educational institutions and architects. Inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's regular involvement in Orchestral Masses in the Emperor's “Hofburg Chapel” we  propose to import this tradition to Sydney, by regularly performing Orchestral Masses in Sydney alongside our concert season, tours and festival collaborations.

Through your generous support, we will be able to create a full time and unique professional Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Choir that will completely change Sydney’s landscape for ever.

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