In Memoriam - CD

News from the Director:

In 2018, we released our new recording: In Memoriam, an album dedicated to the departed. This album particularly commemorates the Anzac Centenary, 2014 to 2018, and honours the soldiers who were slain during the 1st World War.  


In addition, we remember the many families and their loved ones, whose funerals and requiems we have sung over the years.The music is sung in a spirit of prayer to honour the souls of the faithful departed and includes ancient requiem chants alongside familiar hymns of remembrance.


This album is particularly special to members of Prima Luce, as we remember our Anzac ancestors and our departed friends who have supported and inspired us. It is our hope that those who have experienced pain and loss in their lives will be uplifted, experiencing healing and peace through this beautiful and prayerful dedication.


Lest we Forget.

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